We’ve all heard many versions of the old adage, “Love is patient, love is kind...” We see the words elegantly scripted and hung in frames to decorate our homes. We’ve heard the verses read with conviction at beautifully planned weddings. We get the point. Love others. Be nice to people. Don’t walk around with a big head. But do we get this point when someone has ticked us off? When our trust has been betrayed? When someone has robbed us of all that we have? How does that love thing work out after we’ve been done wrong?

       It’s a piece of cake to walk and live in love and peace when life is throwing love and peace at us, but the true test of love lies in the ability to remain centered in love when we’re being cursed out, when our friends have abandoned us, through anger, hurt and loss. 1 Corinthians 8 provides a very specific definition of love that is too often glazed over as a decorative or ceremonial scripture, rather than sacred words of wisdom that we should carefully apply to our lives. The Spirit of Love encourages us to look at the words of this scripture more deeply. It challenges us to look at our lives and find practical ways to live out what it really means to love: through the virtues of patience, kindness, integrity, determination, patience, hopefulness, trust, and perseverance. But The Spirit of Love also challenges us to purge those vices that reflect what love is not: jealousy, arrogance, boastfulness, a bad attitude, selfishness, and anger. It is by embracing love’s virtues and eliminating those vices that we are able to find true peace and love.

       The Spirit of Love is a practical, no non-sense, yet humorous guide to what it truly means to live a life of love, even in the face of ugliness – when all we want to do is just kick somebody’s behind. Living in love means that no one, no matter what they say or do, can steal our joy. No one can take us off track. No one can force us to lose our cool. Not so long as we’re grounded in the spirit of love.
Book Status: All chapters of the book are written. I am now in the process of cleaning up the manuscript and developing a proposal. I am also garnering up some support and working to secure a literary agent.

Book Synopsis:The Spirit of Love offers a practical look at what it really means to live in love and peace, even when life is getting on that last nerve - all through the lens of 1 Corinthians 8.
The Spirit of Love